Therapist Thursday: Let it snow!!! Let it snow!!! Part 2

By: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

Last week we brought S-N-O-W indoors!  Today, we continue our winter theme by making snow themed art that really get little fingers “working”! Make sure to share your masterpieces with us at and you could win a prize!

Activity 1 – Snowflakes:

Make snowflakes by randomly folding and cutting white paper or coffee filters. This is a great activity to practice cutting and fosters creativity too!  Encourage your child to follow your folds and cuts for their first snowflake, and then let their creativity go. This promotes bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body together) as well as motor planning (planning actions to imitate the folds you have created). Older children at home? Click here for advanced paper snowflake making instruction.


Pipe cleaners are another great tool for making snowflakes. Use white, sliver or blue pipe cleaners to twist together something beautiful. And, pipe cleaners are great for strengthening the thumb and first two fingers. Click here for step-by-step instructions.


Activity 2 – Snowman:

No snow necessary for this snowman! Use paper plates or cut circles out of white paper. Mix together glue, shaving cream, and white paint to create snow for your child to paint on the snow man.  Or, your child can pull apart cotton balls and then glue them on the snow man.  Both of the activities are great for getting your child’s fingers working and provide fun sensory input too. Click here for other great snowman ideas.snowman


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