Light Up And Learn!

   The holiday season provides lots of opportunities to learn and have fun!  Just as your young students’ daily vocabulary and spelling words become humdrum, seasonal words can help them re-engage and re-charge.

To take advantage of the season, Fundanoodle recommends this fun activity, which will satisfy your little one’s appetite for learning holiday words and provide fun decoration, as well!  All you’ll need is an assortment of construction paper – with lots of green and red.  Then:

•     Cut out paper in shape of holiday light bulbs.

•   Write a letter on each “bulb” – maybe writing the lowercase letter on one side, and the uppercase letter on the other.


•         Create duplicates as appropriate.  For example, you may need several extra “Es,” “Rs” and “Ts,” but only one “X.”

Now, have your child “spell out” holiday words, using the light bulb letters.


Here are a few words to get you started.

Angel       Baby       Candy       Cookie

Family       Frosty       Gift       Jolly

Joy       Present       Santa       Snow

Toys       Tree       Chritmas       JesusIMG_2004

After spelling out words, your child can use yarn or ribbon to string the bulbs together to decorate ceilings, windows and doorways.IMG_2008


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