Real Simple, Real Learning, Real Impact

By Michelle Yoder, OTR/L

The simplest activities can have the most lasting impact.  Just ask my now 6th grade daughter! What is her fondest memory from her Pre-K Montessori Classroom? “Cutting the apples!” she quickly answers.

cutting the apples

Why does she remember, with pride, her hard work at cutting apples (with supervision, of course) so many years ago? Because it was a meaningful experience that allowed her to use “real” tools to produce “real” results. And, she was able to take pride in her work by sharing apple slices with her friends.

Beyond this emotional connection, this activity also developed visual motor and fine motor skills, cognitive skills (concentration, following steps, attention to details), proficiency with tool use, bilateral integration, ability to work with her peers and so much more!

One simple activity – cutting apples – helped her develop these skills at the age of 4. And, these skills continue to benefit her as she tackles the academic demands of middle school.

Do you have a simple activity that truly engages your child or classroom? Share with us on Facebook or Pinterest!


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