Tis the season….

By: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

‘Tis the season of hustle and bustle!  As parents, we can become so wrapped up in the “busy-ness” of the season that we forget to consider the effect it’s having on our kiddos.  The holidays can be overwhelming for little ones, who can be particularly sensitive to the extra lights, sounds, and crowds.  With that in mind, try to plan out your errands and parties based on your child’s needs:

  • Your child may prefer a quiet play date to a loud holiday party
  • Likewise, staying at home with a neighbor may be more fun than the chaos at the mall
  • Music and ringing bells can be too loud for little ears.   Ear muffs or quiet music on an mp3 player might be in order.
  • Keep an extra eye on your child at parties or at the mall, so when needed, you can help him or her find a quiet corner for relaxing and taking a break from noise and lights.

When you view the holidays through a child’s eyes, it’s easier for everyone to enjoy themselves


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