A Season Of Senses!

With so many seasonal songs and sights, it’s easy to see how the holidays can stimulate your child’s sense of sound and sight, but it’s also an especially fun – and easy — time to encourage a child’s sense of touch and taste.  You just have to look at things a little differently!

Here’s one way to put a different – and stimulating – spin on a traditional holiday symbol.

Candied Candy Canes

To make this fun holiday decoration, you’ll need:

Green construction paper


Red hots

Miniature marshmallows


Using clean hands, let your child play with the red hots and marshmallows.  Start by talking about how the two look.  For example, red hots are red and small, while mini marshmallows are white and somewhat larger.  Talk about how they feel.  For example, red hots are hard and marshmallows are soft.  Red hots can be sticky and marshmallows might feel powdery.  Then, have your child taste the two, again describing the difference.


Finally, draw a candy cane shape on the construction paper, and let your child glue on the remaining red hots and marshmallows to make candy cane stripes!IMG_1923IMG_1925IMG_1926IMG_1927IMG_1929IMG_1930


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