Going Places With The Alphabet!

Are you looking for more indoor activities, now that the weather has turned cooler?  Here’s one that will capture your little ones’ imaginations, help them learn their letters, and give them a new way to play with all those little toy cars!

First, gather up 26 little cars – one for each letter of the alphabet.  Using a permanent marker, write a letter on each car.  As you do this, you can talk to your child about how letters make up words, which help people write and communicate.  From this point, you can “play” any number of ways, depending upon the age and ability of your child:

•      Ask your child to name the letter on a particular car.  For example, “What letter is on the silver car?”  “How about on the red car with two doors?”

•      Ask your child to hand you cars, as you call out the letters.

•      Have your child “spell out” his or her name, using the cars.

•      As your child identifies each letter, teach him or her the sound associated with that letter.

Depending on your child’s age and interest, you can play the same “car” game with colors, shapes, numbers or sight words, instead of the alphabet.  To take it to another level, check out this great idea we found on Pinterest.  A parent made a parking lot and had the child “park” cars in certain spots based on the sight word.  This could also be a great game for centers in a classroom.


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