We’re Thankful For Tactile Turkeys!

Kids love making these Thanksgiving turkey decorations, and our occupational therapists love them, too, because the craft materials heighten and inform a child’s sensory awareness by giving them varied tactile experiences.  Also, those little finger muscles get a workout by cutting and using a glue stick.  Not to mention that the final product is totally adorable!

Here’s what you’ll need:



Assorted feathers

Orange construction paper

Glue stick

First, draw a circle on the sandpaper for your child to cut out.  Then, using the orange construction paper, let your child cut out turkey “legs” and “feet,” to glue on the sandpaper “body.”  Use crayons to draw the eyes, beak and gobbler, and finally, let your child use the glue stick to adhere feathers on the back of the turkey.

Totally adorable, right?


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