Phonics Fun for the Whole Family!

by: Michelle Yoder, OTR/L

Developing “phonemic” awareness – hearing a sound and identifying the letter associated with that sound — is an important step in learning to read and write.

When my son was learning his letter sounds, our whole family helped reinforce what he was learning at school.  We played a game, focusing on one letter a week.  All week long, we’d find items around the house that started with that letter and drop them into a bag decorated with the “Letter Of The Week.”  At the end of the week, my son would pull each item out of the bag, saying the name of the object out loud and focusing on the beginning sound.

It became a game to see who could find the most objects each week.  We even had fun decorating the “Letter Of The Week” bag – not just with the letter, but with stickers of things that began with that letter.  Some weeks, we even had to use a baskets and bowls to hold the overflow!

After naming each week’s items, my son also enjoyed learning to write the Letter Of The Week, and, as he got more accomplished, learning to write entire words!


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