Max and Alphie Go to School!

What fun!  Today, my monkey friend, Max, and I got to learn about two letters – “Bb” and “Ll.”  Even better, we got to play and learn with some terrific four- and five-year-olds.  We were a little nervous, but the teacher was really nice.  She didn’t make us do anything at first.  She had a nice voice and asked us sit in a circle and watch her write the letters.  She showed us how important it is to start at the green line at the top, before zipping down to the red line at the bottom.  Then, she hopped back to the top where she buzzed around two times to make the capital B.

Then, she let us explore the room and all the different centers.  At the bead table, we made new friends, while stringing beads to match the card on the table.  Max really liked coming up with his own patterns for stringing beads!

At the art table, we got to trace Halloween shapes and decorate them with glue and sparkly paper.  I traced a scary bat, and then, copied the word “b-a-t” on the shape.  Lucky for me I had just learned how to write a “b”!  I knew exactly where to start, thanks to the green and red lines the teacher showed us.

All the kids thought it was lots of fun, and the teacher said that tomorrow, she’ll teach us how to write the next letter.

We like school!  Maybe we can visit your classroom next?

Max and Alphie


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