The ABCs Of Learning The Alphabet

By: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

Children love action and moving around, so the opposite — sitting still and manipulating a pencil — can be a chore for some kids. Letter formation through traditional writing, however, isn’t the only way to learn the alphabet. With Fundanoodle’s I Can Build Letter Kits, children use their hands to “build” letters – which can be satisfying for beginners and accomplished writers alike.

Developed by occupational therapists, the I Can Build Uppercase and Lowercase kits include specially-designed, colorful magnetic shapes and easy-to-follow instructions for children to:

1) Children get their wiggles out and are ready to sit down to learn with this fun game.

2) “Assemble” each letter of the alphabet on the magnetic dry erase board. Remember to emphasize a top to bottom approach with the green at the top and red at the bottom of the dry erase board.

3) “Trace” the letter they’ve assembled with their fingers. Encourage your child to talk about the strokes of each letter (Zip – Straight lines; Zoom – Diagonal lines; Buzz – Curved lines and Hop to the Top – When jumping to the top for the next stroke of the letter.

4) “Practice” writing the letter on the dry erase board, and finally

5) “Write” the letter using the practice workbook.

Once children learn the basics of “building” the alphabet, the sky’s the limit. They can make letters from pipecleaners, painting with their fingers, or even lining up M&Ms! Just remember to keep it fun! And the I Can Build kits are ideal to help younger children learn letter recognition.

The I Can Build Uppercase and Lowercase kits are available for purchase online at


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