I Can Pound!

By: Michelle Yoder, OTR/L

Fundanoodle’s I Can Pound! is one of my favorite developmental toys.  It’s a “hit” with three-year-olds, but six- and seven-year-olds enjoy it just as much!  Kids love to create fun, colorful pictures from the patterns in the kit, but from an occupational therapist perspective, I love it for the following reasons:

•    It is the ideal “bilateral” activity.  While one hand inserts and holds the nail, the other pounds.  Using both sides of the body together is important for skills such as cutting, writing, buttoning, jump-roping and bike-riding.

•    It promotes upper body strength.  The foam board provides resistance for each hand, as one hand inserts the “nail” and the other pounds it in.

•    It strengthens the three primary fingers needed for everyday skills.  Each time a child places the “nail,” he or she uses the thumb and two fingers so important for holding pencils, unscrewing lids, manipulating scissors and other daily living skills.

•    It fosters success.  Children are hugely satisfied after they’ve pounded and colored the picture.

•    It can be used independently.  After children master the “basics,” they can be quizzed about colors or challenge their memories by “pounding a red nail and then a blue nail.”

•    It can withstand hundreds of uses!  We have used one board in our clinic for over a year.  When the first side was full of holes, we just flipped it over and kept on pounding!

And….the I Can Pound kit is on sale now for 25% off!  Go to carolinapadstore.com to purchase!  There are additional pages available for downloads, including uppercase and lowercase letters, when the pages included are all used up, click here for the downloads!


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