Therapist Thursday’s: Strong Little Writers

By: Amy Bumgarner MS, OTR/L

It may surprise you to learn that good posture and body strength are necessary for fine motor skills for writing and school related activities.  Occupational therapists call this “proximal stability necessary for distal mobility.”  So, how can you make sure your child has the appropriate “proximal” strength? 

  • Upper body strengthening.  Some fun activities are hanging, wheelbarrow walking, coloring on an easel, practicing the monkey bars, rock wall climbing, or playing, tug of war.
  • Core strengthening: Some fun activities include animal walks (such as crab walking, bear walk, or jumping like a frog), riding a bike or scooter, jumping on a trampoline, balancing activities, or performing sit-ups. .Or really, any gross motor play activities will facilitate good core strengthening. Yoga is a great, too!

  • Good posture:  Make sure your child sits up straight at the table or on the floor.  This includes sitting upright or in a criss-cross position.

  • Activities in Fundanoodle’s Muscle Movers are great for strengthening, too!

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