I Spy…

Max and Alphie are all over classrooms across the U.S.!  Below are a few pictures of their adventure in learning.

Max and Alphie were busy helping this kindergarten class in Charlotte, NC during class writing time.  Here the class focuses on one student a day.  They discuss the student letters in the students name and which letters are uppercase and lowercase.

Max and Alphie are helping a technology teacher from Texas during a webinar.

A 3rd grader is helping Max and Alphie read during reader’s workshop in Charlotte, NC.


One thought on “I Spy…

  1. Capwell, Bobbi says:

    Oh My! I do not know who was more excited yesterday when I got the package. Max was making all kinds of noises in the hall by the mailboxes and Alphie was running around me all the way back to the lab.
    You should have seen then when I was opening it. They both enjoyed the bubble wrap! Max had the best time popping them!!
    Luckily, I opened the box when no one was in the lab because they started to hoot and holler!
    I could not get the books and the card set out quick enough!! Now it was my time to be all excited.
    I love all of the materials that you sent. They will be perfect to work with the ELL students that I work with in the evenings.
    [photo.JPG][photo2.JPG][2012-09-27 16.28.17.jpg][2012-09-27 16.48.51.jpg]
    Thank you so much!!!
    Max, Alphie and Bobbi

    Bobbi Capwell
    Technology Integration Specialist
    Greene Elementary, 281-284-5039
    Wedgewood Elementary, 281-284-5784
    Clear Creek ISD
    CCISD is Leading the Way in the 21st Century!
    Check out the CCISD Learning Technology & Support Page

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