“Take Five” While Building Essential Skills

By: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

During the holidays, little ones will find everything they need to develop skills and create decorations right at the tips of their fingers!

More important, as they trace and cut out the shapes of their hands, not only can they create little Halloween ghosts and Thanksgiving turkeys, but they can also improve their:

Muscle Development:
•    Promoting manual dexterity
•    Increasing motor skills
•    Fostering the all-important pincer grasp

Visual Motor Skills:
•    Enhancing eye hand coordination
•    Encouraging visually guided movements
•    Sharpening visual perceptual skills

Cognitive/Brain Builders:
•    Promoting concentration
•    Fostering creativity

Tracing also requires little ones to use both sides of the body together, which is necessary for daily activities like manipulating fasteners, opening lunch containers, and playing musical instruments.

The Fundanoodle I Can Bead, Lace, Rip, Trace activity kit promotes the very same skills, with lacing cards and stencils of other fun shapes, and makes a terrific grandparent holiday gift.  To order go to carolinadpadstore.com and click on Fundanoodle.
For a limited time you can also claim an  offer for this and the other Fudanoodle kits on our Facebook page.


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