Could This Be How Michelangelo Developed His Fine Motor Skills?

There’s a reason artists use easels. Easels provide better perspective and better control as they create their art. And there’s a reason kids should have some easel-time, too. The vertical surface helps position the arm, wrist and hand in the correct pose for writing. Vertical writing requires extra focus and concentration, too. Think you don’t have an easel? Think again! All you need is a fridge, door or wall. Use a magnet or painter’s tape to position the paper on a vertical surface.

Your child can even do homework this way, breaking the rut (some call it torture) of having to sit still at a table. Or, if you really want to mix it up, tape large sheets of posterboard or craft paper under the tabletop, and let your child lay on his or her back to create a work of art! It certainly worked for Michelangelo – and for little ones, almost everything is more fun upside-down!


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