Fun Techniques for Budding Artists and Writers

By: Leann Presley

Got some leftover squares of sandpaper in your garage or toolbox? Then you’ve got what it takes for your little one to create a masterpiece, while also polishing up those fine motor skills. Children can draw or write directly on the sandpaper for unique artwork with a unique texture. Or, they can draw on a sheet of paper laid on top the sandpaper to create artwork with a distinctively “bumpy” look. Or maybe you can mix it up by having your child color by holding a fat crayon on its side. The look is one-of-a-kind, and the effort required to move the pencil or crayon across a rough surface will help your child make more careful, deliberate marks. Kids will love the results – and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that they’ll be refining those fine motor skills in an entirely different – and fun — way.


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