Therapist Thursday: Scissor Skills Part 3

By: Michelle Yoder

Today is our last post on scissor skills.  Today you and your child(ren) will begin cutting longer lines, curves and diagonals.

Now that we’ve learned how to snip when cutting with scissors, we’ll move on to cutting longer lines, beginning with straight lines, followed by curved and angled lines and finish up with more complex shapes.

I teach children that their dominant hand, which holds the scissors, is the motor or engine for cutting and their assistive hand, which holds the paper, is the steering wheel. While they are beginning to cut out shapes and pictures with curves and angles be sure to teach him or her the importance of using his or her assistive hand to turn the paper.

*Teacher tip*

Fill a child’s pool with various materials (paper towel tubes, straws, yarn, tissue paper, construction paper, aluminum foil, foam paper, fabric remnants, etc.) that the children can cut and have a couple pair of scissors nearby.  The children love to sit in the pool and cut away creating a sensory bin of sorts.  Consider keeping glue and paper on a table next to the pool and they can reach in and grab pieces to glue onto paper to create a fun piece of art!


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