Therapist Thursday | Scissor Skills: Part 2

Therapist Thursday | Scissor Skills: Part 2

By: Michelle Yoder
Before children are taught to cut, they first need to learn how to handle the scissors and use them properly (and safely). Parents should teach children scissor safety, opening and closing the scissors and how to “snip” before cutting.  Here are a few easy tips for parents to help with teaching children how to use scissors safely and correctly when learning how to cut.

  • Make sure to provide scissors that are small and fit your child’s hand and match your child’s hand dominance.
  • Properly supervise children while they are using scissors and teach them these basic rules:
    • Always sit down while cutting something
    • Don’t walk around (or run) with scissors or hold the sharp blades in the palm, etc.
    • Try singing a song to help reinforce the motions of opening and closing the scissor blades.
      “Open, shut them, open, shut them, give a little cut, cut, cut”
  • Use small strips of thicker paper to begin as it’s easier for children to hold and to cut.  (Paint swatch/sample cards work great as the white lines between help with a generous guide for little hands. Old business cards are a great idea to use, too!)
  • Try a variety of textures and objects such as: straws, play dough, packaging peanuts, foam paper, etc.

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