Therapist’s Thursday | Scissors Skills: Part 1

By: Michelle Yoder

Today we are beginning a 3-part series on scissor skills. We will give you ideas on how to help your child get ready to cut, snip and actually cutting lines.

Many parents are nervous about their preschoolers using scissors, and then to avoid introducing their preschooler to cutting. However, snipping with scissors should be a breeze for most three year olds, so find a child-safe pair of scissors (like Fundanoodle’s! :)) and let your preschooler get snipping! Using scissors requires skills. To be successful with them, your child must have developed appropriate strength and bilateral coordination skills to hold and open and close the scissors with one hand while the other hand holds and turns the paper.

Try these activities to help improve your child’s hand strength and muscles for cutting:

  1. Preschool songs with hand gestures such as the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” are great for “walking the fingers up”.
  2. Have your child touch each finger to his or her thumb and then reverse back to the thumb.
  3. With both palms flat on a table, have your child spread his or her fingers wide open and then together, and then back open, all while keeping the palms flat on the table.
  4. Use tweezers, clothespins or tongs to pick up small pom-poms or cereal pieces and place in an ice cube tray or muffin tin.


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