Indoor Summer Activity: Spy Agent Treasure Hunt

By: Leann Presley for Therapists Thursdays

This past weekend in Charlotte was HOT, HOT, like 105 degrees HOT. Unless you and your family had a pool to float in all day long, most activities had to be enjoyed indoors in the comfort of air conditioning. We’ve got a great fine and gross motor activity that you can do indoors on a hot, sunny or dark, rainy day to share with you today — Spy Agent treasure hunt!

Materials needed:

Painters tape
Here’s what you’ll need to do:
Tape streamers across from one wall to the other in all various directions all the way down the hall at various levels and lengths. Place a treasure — a special treat or a new toy — at the end of the hallway as the prize for reaching the end of the hallway successfully.

Here’s how to play:
Tell the children playing that they have turned into spy agents and you have a mission for them. Explain there is a secret treasure hidden at the other end of the hallway and you need them to get it. In order to reach the treasure successfully though, they will need to be careful of the laser beams (streamers) that can set off an alarm if they touch or break them. Explain they can step over the laser lines, crawl on the floor or do whatever they need to get to the treasure but they just have to do it without touching any of the lasers along the way.

Variation 1: Let children help set up the laser beams (streamers). Tearing and ripping the streamers and tape is a great fine motor activity to increase hand strength and confidence in performing tasks with their hands.

Variation 2: Add more laser beams (streamers) to increase the difficulty level in the game. 



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