Fundanoodle Father’s Day Fun

By: Sara Erwin

Sunday is Father’s Day! Here’s a Father’s Day gift idea that you and your children can make for dad using Fundanoodle products! Simple, fun and educational — everybody wins!

Items you’ll need:

Fundanoodle Dry Erase Board

Fundanoodle I Can Bead, Lace, Rip and Trace Kit Tracing Cards

Fundanoodle I Can Cut! Scissors

First, I wrote Happy Father’s Day on the Fundanoodle dry erase board and asked my daughter Lily to copy it on the board. I didn’t so much care to make her focus on her letter formation but instead a relaxed, fun way to incorporate some fine motor and handwriting practice as we prepare to create a Father’s Day Card.

Father's Day gift idea with Fundanoodle

Next we used the tracing cards from the I Can Bead, Lace, Rip and Trace kit.  I let Lily choose one that she would like to trace and she chose the flower.

Tracing fun for a Father's Day present with Fundanoodle.

Once she finished tracing the flower, she used the red scissors from the I Can Cut! Activity kit to cut the flower out of the paper along the trace lines.

Using the Fundanoodle I Can Cut! Activity scissors to cut.Then she copied the “Happy Father’s Day” from the dry erase board to the card. She added “Love, Lily” on the inside, drew a picture and glued the flower in the card.  (I had to sneak a picture,  Ms. Lily was getting tired by this point and definitely “over” mommy taking photos.)

Creating a Father's Day card with items from Fundanoodle Activity kits!

Will loves to write and color too (you saw him in a few of these pictures too) so it was easy to keep him entertained and he wanted to make his own card, too. If you have a little one at home you could also let them finger paint in shaving cream or play with playdough while you are working with your other child(ren) on this project.  You may of course need to let the older child have some fun with the play dough and shaving cream too.  *Hint … Use it as an incentive for when they are finished making their card 🙂


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