Contest: Where in the World are Max & Alphie?

Max & Alphie love letters, numbers and learning, but they also love to travel and this summer they want to travel with you!

Want to be one of the 10 families? Leave a comment below. Then stop by our facebook page, give us a like and share the contest with a friend!

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23 thoughts on “Contest: Where in the World are Max & Alphie?

  1. Jennifer Weaver-Spencer says:

    We’re going to Puerto Rico soon. I think Max and Alphie would love to come along! Jennifer

  2. Brooklyn Brandenburg says:

    I am not going on a “family vacation” but I am studying abroad with school to Travel and Teach in Guatemala. We are visiting the Tikal Ruins, Teaching Mayan students in English (who only speak Spanish), visiting Antigua and a coffee plantation, and horseback riding up Pacaya Volcano! We leave in 2 weeks and will be there for 10 days and teach five of those days!!

  3. We would love to take them on our summer vacation with us! We’ve got multiple family mini-trips planned so depending on when they arrived depends where we’d take them!

  4. We are spending time in Indianapolis this summer. Our daughter visits the Children’s hospital there frequently so it’s become our vacation destination. If they’d love to visit one of the best children’s museum’s around, we’d love to take them.

  5. mombycalling4me says:

    We are going to the beach in Alabama. We would love to take Max and Alphie with us for some fun in the sun and on the waves!

  6. Cindy B says:

    We’re taking a road trip with two grandsons! We’ll be visiting Mt. Rushmore, Little Big Horn Monument, Devil’s Tower. and Yellowstone NP. We’d love to have Max and Alphie come along!

  7. Sher' says:

    We just got back from the Bahamas, too bad We would have loved to take Max & Alphie. We are going on a couple other trips. We are headed to a family reunion in Memphis, TN in a couple weeks.

  8. Jennifer Ruedinger says:

    We leave for Family Camp at Camp Au Sable in Grayling, Michigan on July 29. We would love to take Max and Alphie on the traditional canoe trip down the Au Sable River or maybe even put them in the rodeo with some of the camp staff. They might even enjoy a few hours at Kid’s Camp, while us bigger people take a photography or skiing class, or maybe even a nap.

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