National Teacher Appreciation Week | Teacher Talks

By: Erin Webber

WOW! Teacher Appreciation Time. I love this time of the year. I always know that I am impacting students on a daily basis and that parents are grateful at what I do with their child each and every day.

It’s also really nice to get recognized by the parents and students. I have received many different types of gifts from candy, picture frames and gift cards to flowers and lunch. I especially love when kids make something for me. I remember a special gift I got one year was a painting that one of my students had made for me. She painted a picture of the two of us (she and I) on a canvas and used real paints. It was so cute the way she painted it. In class I had recently been teaching the students about adding details to their drawings and writing. She made sure to add details to this painting! I was decked out with everything she had ever seen me in, all sorts of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, lanyards, pins…..anything and everything she painted me wearing it.

It is so sweet to see how the kids see you and the way that teachers really impact their students. I know that I make a difference in the lives of the children I teach everyday and that is really the best gift!

Max & Alphie are on the hunt for educators who make learning fun!! A “Funda-teacher” is one who recognizes the value of play in the classroom, and creates an environment of excitement, interaction and wonder! Just like Fundanoodle, Funda-teachers are serious about education, but know that learning is more effective when it is fun!

Nominate a “Funda-teacher” today! (You can vote by clicking here or leaving your nomination in the comments section below this post.) We might even post your nomination on our web site and social media channels to share your Funda-teacher with the world! All nominations will receive a prize and the Top Five Funda-teachers will win a gift card to our on-line store for $50!

Entries will only be accepted during National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7th – 12th) and our Top Five Funda-teachers will be announced on May 15th!

Questions? Email

Erin Webber, Kindergarten Teacher, Charlotte, NC Fundanoodle

Erin Webber is a Kindergarten Teacher at David Cox Road Elementary in Charlotte, N.C. She holds a national teaching certification.


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