Learning good letter formation sets the foundation for a child’s education.

By Erin Webber, Kindergarten Teacher
Many children begin kindergarten with the knowledge of the alphabet and all of the letters but do not necessarily know how to properly form and write the letters. As a Kindergarten teacher, I prefer that when students begin coming to class they have a good foundation — I like for them to be able to recognize both upper and lower case letters, and be able to properly form these letters by starting at the top and using correct lines to make the letters. I usually like to encourage parents to start at the age of two in practicing and teaching lines and curves. And begin introducing proper letter formation practice at ages three and four to provide a good introduction to letter writing and the alphabet.
If they are not properly trained, children will come up with their own way to form their letters. When they start school we have so many things to focus on that I highly encourage parents to help at home before they enter kindergarten on letter formation. Parents should begin by teaching upper case letters first is because of the straight lines, and once they master these I suggest the introduction of lower case letter writing.
At what age did you, or are you planning to begin teaching your children letter formation and the alphabet?


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