Gross Motor Skill Development: Hide and Seek!

Kids love to play hide and seek.  When I say hide and seek you most likely think of playing the traditional method — someone is “it” and the other players “hide”.  Did you know that playing this game with your children can help refine their gross motor skills? This is great for gross motor skills and body awareness. A child might think they can fit into a small space — like between the couch and wall — but once they attempt to slide into the space, the child might realize they can’t fit!


I also like to have my children play hide and seek to help them increase fine motor dexterity and strength in their little fingers and hands. I do this with a large plastic zip closure baggie filled with colored and mixed playdough and some of their smaller toys, spare change from the bottom of my purse, and other items like buttons or paperclips.


I “hide” small items in the playdough and have my children “seek” to find the items in the dough. (Remember to be careful if your child is small and still tries to put small objects in his/her mouth.)

Once your child finds all the items, have him/her hide the objects for you to find the toys.  Pulling, smashing, and pushing the playdough is a great workout for little hands and it’s loads of fun!



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