Muscle Mover Mondays start today!

Yep, that’s right. Each Monday beginning today through the remainder of the year we will share one of our Muscle Mover cards with you so that you can use them with your child(ren)!

Here’s how it will work…

Fundanoodle by Carolina Pad Muscle Mover Roar like a Lion card.

Children will perform the action stated on the card that we share here. (We will also be sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr).

Fundanoodle by Carolina Pad lowercase "l" lion handwriting cardOnce they have completed the fun activity — actions that promote movement and physical activity — your child can then practice writing the upper case or lower case letter that corresponds with the action.

So, for today — the lowercase “l” — the suggested action is to Roar like a lion. Once this activity is completed, children then practice “zipping” down to learn to write the lowercase “l”.

What do your children think of the muscle mover activities from Fundanoodle? Do they enjoy the fun animals and actions and learning to write their letters?


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