Teachers Love Fundanoodle!

Boy, do we love hearing from parents and teachers who love using Fundanoodle at home and in the classroom! Erin Webber, a Kindergarten teacher at David Cox Road School sent us these pictures of her kindergarten classroom learning and practicing their upper case letters with Fundanoodle.

Student using Fundanoodle by Carolina Pad I Can Build Upper Case Letters kit

Student using Fundanoodle by Carolina Pad I Can Build Uppercase LEtters kitOne of Webber’s students using the “I Can Build Uppercase Letters Kit”.

Students Fundanoodle I Can Write Uppercase lettersBrian practicing his letters with the “I Can Write Upper Case Letters” Activity Book.

“My kindergarten kids love to use Fundanoodle in centers! They especially love the I Can Pound! Activity Bench and the I Can Build Upper Case Letters! Kit,” said Webber.

Fundanoodle activity books and kits are a ready-made resource for classroom use. Here are just a few of the many ways you can use Fundanoodle in your classroom!

–  Fundanoodle activity kits make ideal workstation activities for preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

–  Floor pads can be used as a free-time activity.

–  Writing tablets are ideal for kindergarten and first-grade teachers.

–  Gross motor cards are great for inspiration during every day PE class or for rainy day recess activities.

Are you using Fundanoodle activities and products in your classroom? Which ones and how do your students respond?


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