Fundanoodle Activity Kits are back in stock! Cue Happy Dance.

By: The Fundanoodle by Carolina Pad team

That’s right. The oh-so-popular-they-sold-out-so-fast-we-had-them-on-back-order-forever Fundanoodle by Carolina Pad Activity Kits are here!

Fundanoodle by Carolina Pad I Can Cut Activity BookFundanoodle’s I Can Cut! Activity Book, $7.99,

Fundanoodle I Can Build Uppercase Letters Activity KitFundanoodle I Can Build Upper Case Letters! Activity Kit, $29.99,

Fundanoodle I Can Build LowerCase LettersFundanoodle I Can Build Lower Case Letters! Activity Kit, $29.99,

If you were a customer who had already placed an order that included one of these items, your back ordered item(s) will ship out this week! If you haven’t ordered yet, these items are now in stock and will ship immediately!


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