The Low-Down on OT

During our #Fundanoodle Twitter party so many of you had the same question:

What is Occupational Therapy and how does it help?

Straight from the source, our OTs tell us exactly they’re up to:

Occupational Therapists help individuals achieve the greatest level of independence in daily living activities.  For adults, this includes self-care skills, home management, work, childcare, driving, etc.  For children, this includes school activities, play, and self-care skills.  An occupational therapist’s goal is for the child to be successful in his or her physical and social environments.   So, if a child is having difficulty managing his or her clothing fasteners, as occupational therapists, we work on the underlying visual motor, fine motor and bilateral coordination skills needed to successfully perform that task.  Another child may have difficulty holding her pencil correctly and not use enough pressure.  Her OT might work on increasing her hand strength, fine motor coordination, manipulation and dexterity. Tactile sensitivity may decrease one’s tolerance for shirt tags, hair cuts and nail trimming.  As well, it may hinder the acquisition of fine motor skills.  The occupational therapist would address the sensory, motor and self-care skills needed to promote improvement across these areas. We work on the skills that children need to be successful in life!


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