Handwriting: A Foundation for Life

In today’s technological world, some question the value of learning proper handwriting skills. Why write when you will just end up typing most things on a keyboard, people ask us.

It may be true that as young adults and adults, we spend most of our “writing” time at a keyboard, but the fundamentals needed for handwriting carry over into many other activities. For example, we use the same pinching motion needed to hold a pencil to fasten buttons or zip zippers. The grip developed to hold a pencil also helps children learn to hold other objects such as a drink cup, fork, spoon, knife and toothbrush.

Learning handwriting also forms the basis for further academic development. It teaches children to track from left to right – an essential element of reading. It teaches spacing of letters and numbers – key to reading, doing math and even for creative activities like drawing and coloring.

So while it may seem “old fashioned” handwriting remains an essential element to every child’s physical and mental development.


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