Sensory tubs for sensory development

Have we told you lately how much we love Pinterest? We even have a Fundanoodle pinboard, and we love finding fun educational activities from around the web to share. Recently we’ve noticed some our fellow pinners have been pinning pictures of sensory tubs in every color, texture and theme. And as such big fans of sensory development, we want to give you the know-how to make these tubs o’ fun, as well as the reasoning behind them!

Fundanoodle pediatric occupational therapists (we call them the experts!) Amy + Michelle weigh in: “Sensory Tubs are a great way to promote tactile play and exploration. Refinement of the tactile (touch) system also promotes development of fine motor skills necessary for handwriting, cutting, and school-related activities. Sensory tubs can be composed of various materials including rice, pasta, beans, corn, bird seed, packing peanuts, or sand. You can place objects in the bin for the child to dig through bin and find all the treasures. Or your child may have fun scooping the sand from one container to another. You can hide magnetic alphabet letters and see if the child can find all the letters and then identify each letter.  (When your child pulls out a letter, he or she could practice writing it either on paper, a dry erase board or chalk board.) Allow your child to explore the sensory tub, and do not force tactile play.  If your child does not like messy play, he or she may enjoy scooping with cups, measuring spoons, or colanders. ”

Here are a few we found and pinned to our board:

What are some other items and ingredients you can (or have) use to create a sensory tub?

(And please share pictures by Facebook or Twitter, too!)


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