Handwriting: It’s a Workout

Because the necessity of handwriting is often associated with school work, many parents forget that it is first and foremost a physical activity before it becomes part of our intellectual development. Like a dancer learning a new move, children must train their bodies for the movements, strength and coordination needed for handwriting.

Fundanoodle was devised to provide parents and teachers with activities that are a fun way to interact with children and also help build muscle groups needed for proper handwriting. Think about the pinching motion and position used to hold a pencil. To ensure that your child doesn’t develop a lazy pencil grip, you will need to work on strengthening the hand and finger muscles needed to sustain that pinched position.

Use the I Can Bead, Lace, Rip, Trace All in One Kit to build hand muscles needed for the finger position needed for a proper pencil grip. Add in the I Can Pound Activity Bench to build hand grip muscles through hammering pegs into a soft foam surface.

Handwriting isn’t the only activity these muscle-strengthening activities will help. Turning door knobs, tying shoes, using eating utensils all require hand strength. Focusing on fun play activities that double as a workout for your child’s hand muscles will help them acquire life skills that make a happy childhood possible.



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