We’re having a Party! (Yes, another one.)

This time, you don’t have to live in Charlotte to attend. It’s a Twitter party!!

Friday, Oct. 21 from 2:00PM -3:00PM EST we’ll be talking Fun with Fundanoodle!! and you’ll have the opportunity to ask Amy + MIchelle (the pediatric occupational therapists who helped create the Fundanoodle handwriting development module) your questions!

Here’s how it will work – we’ll answer 10 questions during the hour and we’ll choose those questions from the entries we receive from you. Each person who submitted a question that is answered at the party will win a prize!!

Submit your questions by:

  • leaving your question as a comment below
  • writing it on our facebook wall
  • tweeting to us: @Fundanoodle
  • or email us at fundanoodle[at]carolinapad[dot]com.

Oh, and be sure to RSVP, too.

The hashtag for the party will be #Fundanoodle — and we hope to see you all there!


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