Behind the Development of the Fundanoodle Handwriting Development Program

As pediatric occupational therapists, we helped to create the Fundanoodle Handwriting Development Program out of necessity. There was no one program on the market that met all of our needs. We found that handwriting was addressed with 90% of children we treated each year. On a daily basis, we were modifying existing programs to meet children’s specific needs.

After we developed handwriting sheets for our practice, parents of our clients began to ask where they could get paper similar to the paper we used. They saw the benefits of the paper and wanted to use it at home.

As time went on, we determined that this concept could be used with children with different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. The children learned the basics of handwriting more quickly and acquired the ability to form letters more accurately than ever before. We found it worked for typically developing preschoolers to children who had impairments. Because there wasn’t a program that was easily accessible for parents and teachers, we wanted them to have access to a program that would foster carryover at home.

We found the red and green or stop and go grid lines made it easy for kids to know when to start and stop letter formation. Children as young as the age of two understand the concept that green means go and red means stop. The dynamic verbiage used in the Fundanoodle Handwriting Development Program is fun, which encourages acquisition of writing skills.

For the past two years, working with Fundanoodle’s parent company Carolina Pad, we have helped to develop a handwriting program that works. Children in our practice who used our writing technique are able to quickly learn and recall the basic strokes. The use of dynamic descriptors for the basic strokes facilitates quick retention and carryover for letter formation.

It’s been a labor of love and we hope that the kids using the Fundanoodle Handwriting Development Program will love it as much as we do.

Amy + Michelle


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